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Publication date: 2018-05-25 00:09

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Nabu decides to make an attempt to cure Duman's illness while the Winx take the other three wizards to Tir Nan Og, and realizes that Sibylla's fairies were unable to cure Duman because they failed to realize what caused the illness in the first place. However, Duman transforms into a monster and attacks the Specialists, and flies off after capturing Nabu. After Riven manages to help Nabu free himself, Duman prepares to fight the Specialists in the Gardenia park. Nabu still offers to help him, telling him that if his powers are not stabilized he will die. However, Duman refuses to accept his help and ends up revealing the Black Circle's plan for sealing away the Earth Fairies. After a short fight, Duman is defeated by Nabu, who traps him in a magic sphere and destroys him.

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On season 6 forward Amore's civilian clothe is similar to her PopPixie clothes, with the exceptions being her shirt collar and the sash at the bottom of her skirt are magenta.

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Duman is defeated once by Flora when he was flying in the form of a bird on a building covered with fire, which the Winx were saving. Flora casts a spell on Duman which resulted in Duman's defeat due to the spell hitting him in the heart.

Amore wears a light green tank-top underneath a light pink-fuchsia jacket with small purple polka dots, along with a blue headband with a big green bow and hair scrunchies. She also wears a pair of blue shorts with yellow pockets.

By the time the Black Circle returns, Duman has fallen ill because his powers have become unstable. The Winx escort the Black Circle to Sibylla , the fairy of justice. Sibylla's fairies look after Duman for a while but are unable to cure his illness.

Another attempt was made to take the White Circle from a virtual world Tecna created. Duman was to stay behind and guard the apartment but was defeated and captured by Helia. After the Winx and Wizards escape the virtual world, Duman has escaped. In a previous episode, he also revealed to the Wizards Mitzi's anger toward the Winx to give them the idea to give them powers.

In " A Pixie Fish "' it is revealed that Amore and Robinson liked each other for a long time but were too shy or too scared to say anything, when Robinson finally asked her to go on a date with him, he accidentally calls her to go swimming in the colored waters of the Seven Streams without knowing she could not swim. Amore tries doing a magical potion that will make her swim like a fish, but instead she becomes one. Then, Chatta , Livy , Lockette and Fixit helps her reach the colored waters of the Seven Streams transforming her back to a Pixie just before her date.

In " The Legendarium ", Amore and the other pixies go to Alfea and celebrate at Faragonda 's 655 years anniversary party. Back in Pixie Village, she is seen trying to defend her village along with the Winx and other pixies. Because of the disappearance of some of the pixies, Amore, along with the remaining pixies, becomes refugees of Alfea again. There, they help the Winx regain their lost magic and in fulfilling their quest to locking the Legendarium. They help them in Domino , in Egypt , in China and in Gardenia. They also take care of the Legendarium Key , while the Winx are in Zenith.

Duman is first introduced in the first episode of Season 9 when Bloom finds a portrait of the Black Circle at Alfea. They eventually come to the school in order to steal Bloom's power, believing her to be the last fairy on Earth. Realizing they were mistaken, Duman and the other Wizards travel to Earth and discover Roxy and the White Circle , attempting to take both, but overall failing at their attempts against the Winx and Specialists.

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Game Winx Club: Do You Believix? online. Play for free Winx kiko adventure games

Duman was a member of the Wizards of the Black Circle. He was one of the main enemies in Season 4 and the only one to die. Duman appears to be the cockiest of the Bloom Season 5 Outfits : Bloom is the second daughter of King Oritel and Queen Marion of Domino, and the little sister of Daphne, as well as the keeper of the Dragon winx kiko adventure games, winx club kiko adventure