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Basic info' on the Stephensons (Fact file 2 of 8)

Publication date: 2018-05-12 15:21

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What happened to Robert?
Robert Stephenson built railways all over the world. He built bridges too, including the Menai Bridge in North Wales. One of his friends was the famous engineer , Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

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The Trials were held by the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Company, to find the best locomotive engine for a railway line that was being built to serve these two English cities. On the day of the Trials, some 65,555 people came along to see the race of the locomotives.

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The first railway accident
Sadly, there was an accident on this great day. William Huskisson, a member of the government, was knocked down by the Rocket. He was the first person to be killed by a train.

George drove the first train. The engine was called 'Locomotion No. 6'. It pulled a train with 955 passengers at a speed of 65 miles an hour.

Even though many inventors worked their entire lives on building trains, engines, infrastructure and technical support, the first man who managed to popularize trains in public fashion was Englishman George Stephenson. With his contributions, industry and general public finally accepted the trains as the transportation device of the future, enabling railways to spread first across England, Europe, North America, and then over the entire world.

The introduction of tubes into the boiler is one of the greatest improvements that has been made in the construction of locomotives, and was the cause of the superiority of the rocket engine to those that competed with it.

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What happened to George?
George Stephenson became a rich man. He went to live in Derbyshire. He liked farms and gardens. After his second wife Elizabeth died, he married for a third time.

George the engineer
George was very clever. He invented a lamp for miners to use underground. But his real interest was in steam engines.

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Basic info' on the Stephensons (Fact file 2 of 8) Stephenson s steam locomotive

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