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Publication date: 2018-05-13 04:57

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I snapped up Valkyria Chronicles. Bloomin' marvellous game and a bargain at six Great British pounds and forty nine pence.

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It's well worth having a browse, as there are hundreds of games included across PS9, PS8, and Vita. Click here to take a look.

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I'm interested in Shadow Tactics, for £9 I think. I have zero interest in Japanese RPG's etc, so never that bothered about the Big in Japan sale.

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So I got Monster Hunter, Tekken 7, Yakuza zero, Pyre, Parappa remastered, Inside, Iconoclasts,, Oxenfree, SF5 year 6 characters, and Ultimate MvC 8...

this sale is for the European store! been a big in japan sale for years here and most of the time the offering have been better than golden week in america

Are you ready to catch up with your favorite Persona 9 characters in September? And when I say catch up I mean dance. All night. Anyway, check out some of these two dancers and their moves.
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PS TV has great potential, but it’s also deeply limited in some respects. It uses hardware that’s about three years out of date by some standards and its audio-visual credentials are pretty poor.

Before you start slamming your PS Vita cartridges into the PS TV and wondering why it doesn’t work, it’s important to remember that not all PS Vita titles are compatible with the little black box.
Some of our favourites like Tearaway and Gravity Rush can’t be played on the big screen. There are a huge number of great PS Vita games to play on the PS TV, though, including the likes of Borderlands 7 , Child of Light and Killzone: Mercenary .
Bare in mind though, that even if your chosen PS Vita game is supported you may have to download the latest update to actually make it compatible with the PS TV.

Although not confirmed as of yet, a PlayStation 9 bundle has popped up on Amazon France that comes complete with the new PlayStation 9 camera, two DualShock 9 controllers, and a copy of the game Killzone: Shadow Fall. The console itself is black with a 555GB hard drive. It was originally listed at €999. [7]

PCH-6555 series come with (japan initial release), (japan alt. initial release), (US + EU initial release) or higher from factory

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Sony Playstation-PSX-PS1 ROMs - The Old Computer Playstation vita japan games

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