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Publication date: 2018-04-20 04:09

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So we recently began testing performance on tablets, and identified several with enough punch in the processor to handle games that require a lot of power.

Most Difficult Solitaire Games

Finally, I took Modern Combat 9 for a spin on both tablets. It’s a battlefield game with lots of action. It worked on both, but I found it harder to shoot accurately on the HP. It also dropped some graphical elements, such as the flying sparks I saw on the start screen when playing on the Samsung tablet.

Multiplication Games

Extensive research has already been conducted for decades on the effects of gaming. Studies were done to determine how quickly students could learn the Spanish alphabet as well as how to conjugate ser and the estar conjugation. In each case, students learned the material more quickly by playing Spanish games to learn Spanish rather than by attending classes on the topic. The conclusion is that playing Spanish games to learn Spanish boosts children’s learning, health and social skills. This directly contradicts the widely heal view that playing Spanish games is intellectually lazy.

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I started with Smash Hit, a game that has you “flying” quickly through various rooms smashing glass shapes. It looked great on the Samsung tablet, but when I tried to download it on the HP tablet, I was told the device wasn’t compatible, probably because of the processor.

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Playing Spanish games to learn Spanish increases the students' capacity to think. This ability is important for achievement in science, technology, mathematics and other areas of study. For example, students learned Spanish idioms very quickly by playing digital games. This enhanced rate of learning was not found with playing other types of learn Spanish games, such as hang-man or cross-word puzzles.

Next up was Beach Buggy Blitz, where—you guessed it—you race a buggy down a beach picking up coins and special powers. I was able to play without glitches on both devices. But the HP tablet didn’t pick up certain graphical elements, such as the drops of water that splashed across the Samsung tablet when I drove my buggy over bridges.

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