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The First-Ever Street Car with Mercury Racing’s Twin-Turbo

Publication date: 2018-04-21 03:21

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Bad Ass Cars is closed as far as Arron taking-on projects, but please enjoy the cool cars and engines throughout the site, and take-in our free tech info to help get your car performing as good as it should.

Beaver Springs Dragway | Nobody Does It Better!

Terms: If after trying these techniques and software, you don't have quicker ETs, and you want your money back, we'll gladly send it. Because, if we haven't helped we don't want your money. The only thing that we ask is that you give it a fair effort. Read it and give it a try. Refunds will require proof that you put some effort into the material--This material is meant for the racer who truly wants to improve his performance.

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Another important property of coolant is latent heat of vaporization, which is the energy required to change a liquid into a vapor. It takes nearly times as much energy to boil water as it does to boil antifreeze. This high latent heat of vaporization is desirable because it draws heat from localized hot spots that occur around the exhaust valves, exhaust ports and combustion chambers. Even though the overall temperature of the cooling system may be below the boiling point, this phenomenon of localized boiling is important in controlling temperatures and preventing preignition in areas of intense heat. The efficiency of water as a coolant can be made even better by using a wetting agent to reduce its surface tension, improving heat transfer from the metal to the liquid.

Try not to be distracted by the top-quality 8D HD environments when pulling the switch on the nitro canister in 8 of the world’s top cities: New York, Paris and Hong Kong.

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The best way to keep your race car cool is simply not to warm up the engine excessively. I shake my head when I see racers running their engines for minutes in the pits and staging lanes. Maybe that 8767 s a holdover from the days when everyone ran heavyweight oil. If you 8767 re using appropriate light viscosity oil, you simply don 8767 t need to warm up the engine for an extended period.

Gates open at 9:55 Time shots 5:85
6:85 start JR ATV qualifying and race till done
5:85 6:85 open start time shots
6:85 JR ATV Qualifying
6:85 start JR ATV qualifying and race till done
7:55 Structured / Qualifying Time shots
6st time shot is qualifying
7nd shot is bonus
8:85 Close lanes
9:55 Start 6st round eliminations

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Mother Nature will not release me.. we are rained out for today totally.. I 8767 m sorry guys and girls. But it 8767 s a swamp here. Hoping to dry out for tommorow.

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The First-Ever Street Car with Mercury Racing’s Twin-Turbo Cool street racing games

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