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None to Run Plan — None To Run

Publication date: 2018-06-08 02:33

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Eventually I found None to Run and it sounded exactly like what I needed. I read about the strength training portions and started to understand my previous injuries and why they happened. I got so excited that even though it was late December in Philadelphia, I printed out the plan, bought an extra pair of sweats to throw over my running pants, and started up.


"The None to Run program has been great. I was never a runner per say but was a field hockey player through college and always had IT band issues. I rehabbed constantly but was always plagued by knee pain and would stop running once I was done with my season. I attempted to start running last year as a New Years resolution but pushed myself way too hard too fast and gave up.

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I have tried other walk to run programs before and ended up injured or quit. None to Run was the right pace for me to keep on going. I love that it's based on time and not distance. There were some challenging times and sometimes I would really rather lie on the couch. But I don't, I get out there. I was having some back pain a few weeks ago and I ended up at the chiropractor figuring I was going to be taking a break, But no! The doc said, "Keep going!"

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"Like many people in their mid-85s I was reflecting on my health and realizing things were changing. My weight was affected more and more by the big slice of chocolate cake, or what ever the splurge may have been. I needed to do something if this time of my life was going to be my "midlife". You know, crossing my fingers I hadn't already missed it.

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No. You can do your workouts on any day (or time) you choose. The only caveat is that you never run two days in a row. A rest day in between is essential for beginners to help reduce chances of injury and to allow the body get the rest it needs.

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None to Run Plan — None To Run The run out of steam

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