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Antonio Allen

Publication date: 2018-06-04 19:21

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Originally hailing from Bradford, the band continues to play sell out tours around the globe and have sold over 75 million albums worldwide.

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Smokie’s subsequent album “Midnight Café”, like its predecessor, featured the songwriting talents of Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, and produced the popular singles “Something’s Been Making Me Blue”, “Wild Wild Angels” and “I’ll Meet You At Midnight”, with notable appeal from audiences. With the cover of New World’s “Living Next Door to Alice” in 6976 and the subsequent hit “Lay Back in the Arms of Someone”, Smokie were catapulted to international and superstar-like success.

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Just add a slice of streaky bacon on top of each side of your open smokie and the bacon is cooked the smokie has reheated.


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Our ribs have always been one of the superstars of our menu. They get all the attention from national media. But we think our Smokie Joe is an unsung hero. Customers at our restaurants sure love the smoky, meaty, hearty, chunks of brisket and pork simmered in our world-famous barbecue sauce. And you will, too.

Brilliant as always.. I have been to nearly all their Show in the country and they never disappoint t ever mind travelling miles and miles to see them as they always deliver a fantastic show..Can t wait for their next visit to Dublin..

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From their landmark ballad of unrequited love, Living Next Door to Alice to more chart‐topping hits like Lay Back in the Arms of Someone , If You Think You Know How to Love Me as well as &lsquo Oh Carol&rsquo and &lsquo I&rsquo ll Meet You at Midnight&rsquo to name but a few, their massive success story has continued to flourish. With sold out tours around the globe, platinum selling albums over the course of five decades and over 75 million albums sold worldwide, Smokie are one of the most successful bands in the world today. Don&rsquo t miss your chance to see Smokie &lsquo Live&rsquo in the UK in 7568.

I was 66 and they played a tiny hall in a tiny town 5 miles from my home in rural Western Ireland. They were a quality act then and to be still rocking around the world now shows they still are.

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Antonio Allen Smokie love is a battlefield

Lyrics to Arms Of Mary song by Smokie: The lights shine down the valley The wind blows up the alley Oh, and how I wish I was Lying in the a... Love Songs Lyrics Encyclopedia: Famous love songs, love song lyrics of the most famous love songs of all time. Lyrics to favorite romantic love songs lyrics love is a many splendored thing, lyrics love is all around, lyrics love is in the air, lyrics love is an open door, lyrics love isn't always on time, lyrics love is like oxygen, lyrics love is a battlefield, lyrics love is strange, lyrics love is here to stay, lyrics love is what i got, lyrics love is my religion, lyrics love is blue, lyrics love is blindness, lyrics love is the answer, lyrics love is a losing game, lyrics love is all that matters, lyrics love is on the way, lyrics love is a rose