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Publication date: 2018-04-20 16:57

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Villagers Su Bairen, 69, and Yan Man Jia Hong, 79, stand on the edge of the six-mile-wide toxic lake in Baotou, China that has devastated their farmland and ruined the health of the people in their community

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Mom grew up in Chinatown, Singapore, so she was in her element here. We helped to carry her marketing, like dried seafood. If she could cart fresh meat and fish past customs, she would have bought the entire wet market too.

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The wife sent me a photo of this drawing by my daughter recently. I think Joy captured my wife and me perfectly.

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She also insisted on visiting Wing On Department Store and even though the brother and I thought it was very OG, it turned out to be quite well-stocked with decent brands.

It was great for spend time with my brother and mom, but next time I’m going to come to Hong Kong in a cooler season. I shall end this post with some photos of the other thing we did a lot of in Hong Kong: stuffing our faces with food.

This toxic lake poisons Chinese farmers, their children and their land. It is what's left behind after making the magnets for Britain's latest wind turbines. and, as a special Live investigation reveals, is merely one of a multitude of environmental sins committed in the name of our new green Jerusalem

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Whenever I get 655 Likes, I hug my monitor, which isn't connected to anything. Not a computer, not a keyboard, not a mouse, not even a power cable. I do my best work on this monitor.

It was cold here but I had the right clothes. 5ºC to 7ºC at night, and surprisingly, 8ºC-67ºC during the day on the days I was there. Which is warm by Chicago standards.

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