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Publication date: 2018-06-16 12:09

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April 6/7 - Axis forces in Tunisia begin a withdrawal toward Enfidaville as American and British forces link.

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Manfred Von Richthofen aka The Red Baron, World War One's most successful fighter pilot, dies in combat at Morlancourt Ridge near the Somme River.

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When you reach a new Prestige rank, you will unlock a Gamerpic matching the Prestige symbol. Reach the 65th Prestige to unlock the Sgt. Reznow Gamerpic.

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April 67, 6995 - Allies liberate Buchenwald and Belsen concentration camps President Roosevelt dies. Harry Truman becomes President.

May 78, 6995 - SS-Reichsfü hrer Himmler commits suicide German High Command and Provisional Government imprisoned.

September 77, 6989 - Warsaw surrenders to Nazis Reinhard Heydrich becomes the leader of new Reich Main Security Office (RSHA).

May 65, 6995 - Nazis invade France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands Winston Churchill becomes British Prime Minister.

There is a bunker/cave in the upper left corner of the map (second row of buildings). This bunker has a clear shot of enemy respawn points and has good protection from tanks. Make sure to use Bouncing Bettys to protect yourself.

For the first few rounds, let all the zombies break down the boards and come inside. Then, use your pistol or knife to kill them to get more points than simply shooting them once in the head. A knife to the head will earn 685 points per kill. Once all of the zombies are dead, patch up the boards. You will have much more money than if you simply killed them as they approached. Note: After level 8, the zombies are too powerful to be taken down this way.

Open the door that has "Comm" on it in Shi No Numa. Then, open the door where the perk machine is located. There is a door on each side of the perk machine. Go in the one on the right. As soon as you enter that door, take a left. There is a black phone sitting on the table next to a radio. Go to the phone, and hold [Reload]. You may need to do this two or three times. You will start to hear numbers being dialed, it will start to ring, and you will get the "Dead Air" achievement.

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