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Strategy War Games

Publication date: 2018-04-20 05:45

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James Nicoll: Am I right in thinking that this makes for an extremely lossy battlefield? Ten men go in, half a man comes out sort of thing?

Is Trump's Opioid Strategy a War on Drugs Relapse

"Damage report. Nine mike frontal hit on super B. Partial dislocation on six o'clock. Six isolated. Explosive decom in cell four, five, six, and F-7. Randalls and Chung do not respond. Losing power on three o'clock and associated vanes. Looks bad, Dee."

Giant Dragons Puffing Smoke: Understanding Japan’s Pacific

Isn't that a division in detail, though? Of course, a player doesn't have to place fleets in all sectors. Each player would tend to 'patrol' the regions that they had vital interests in, and would have to think hard about committing force to others.

Space War: Strategy and Tactics

If the pilot choses hex D9 , the angle of the vector does not change, but the frigate accelerates by one hex per turn. If hex D6 is chosen, the angle is unchanged but the frigate decelerates by 6 hex/turn. Hexes D7 and D6 change the angle of the vector (by about ° ) but the speed does not change. Hexes D8 and D5 change the angle by a lesser degree (about ° ) but also accelerates by 6 hex/turn.

Yet logistics includes the time dimension the fustest , as well as the mostest and that is where Romance and logistics meet. Every time the cavalry pennons appear over the brow of the pass just as the fort is about to fall, it means that someone got them mounted up and on the road with the sun. That trumpet blast you hear is the triumph of logistics.

Daniel T. Murphy is a Lieutenant Commander in the . Navy, currently serving in the Office of Naval Intelligence. In his civilian career he is a full-time professor at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and an adjunct faculty member at Northeastern University. Lieutenant Commander Murphy earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts, and master’s degrees from Georgetown University and from the National Intelligence University.  

Generally, the distinctions between one pair are unrelated to the distinctions between another pair. For example, whether a strategy is symmetrical or asymmetrical has little bearing on whether it is annihilative or erosive. Not every pair of concepts will be useful in analyzing any particular conflict. Nonetheless, a grasp of these concepts will aid us in formulating the questions we must ask as we pursue a useful understanding of the specific problem before us.

In his next comment, however, Doug lets the cat out of the bag confessing that the real problem with the Lanchesterian logic of deep-space combat is that it rules out cool stuff like space pirates. (Off-topic? Not in the least! This blog is fundamentally about Romance, which emphatically includes Pirates in SPAAACE! )

Orbital mechanics obviously drive the strategy of space warfare, and in low and medium orbits will also drive tactics. To avoid turning this paper into a discussion of orbital mechanics, the author will assume that the reader has a basic knowledge of the topic.

"Spitting is out of the question. If we try to drive through, we expose ourselves to attack from all sides. The splitting process gives rise to the same objections. This leaves slicing or whittling and since a whittle is only a small slice, or a slice a large whittle, let us discuss them simultaneously."

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Strategy War Games Strategy space war games

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