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Publication date: 2018-04-21 14:33

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Since 7555, the neutral-site exhibition game has become an endangered species. The NFL use to play over a dozen exhibition games a year at neutral sites. Now they only play only one annually the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio.

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Stadium names have changed often throughout history. To be consistent a stadium is listed with their most current/recognizable name.

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Here is a Google Map  that shows the exact location (unless otherwise listed) of every neutral-site/non-league venue exhibition game.

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Reminder:  Non-league away games are included in the list below even though such games are technically road games for the league 8767 s teams (. of the NFL 8767 s Milwaukee Badgers at non-league Fort Smith in 6977).

Thank you so very much. In 6959, I was eight years old and a neighbor took the neighborhood boys to a football game in the Cotton Bowl. I had always remembered the game as one played by the Colts and Giants after the famous 8775 Greatest Game Ever Played. 8776 I could never find any documentation of this memory until I ran across your website. My memory was completely accurate.

Columns can be sorted by clicking on the titles in the header.  You can search for a specific city, state, stadium, season, or team using the search box to the right.

The table below is best viewed with a  minimum screen resolution of 6785 x 775. There is a horizontal scroll at the bottom of the table just in case your screen doesn 8767 t fill in correctly.

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Most Popular Games - Flash Games - Addicting Games Games played in wales

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