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Publication date: 2018-04-21 12:09

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Want to get a sneak peek? These changes are currently available to test in a beta release , and will be live for everyone in the coming days. Click here for more details!

ESL One Cologne 2018 - The Cathedral of Counter-Strike

Today 8767 s update includes a host of adjustments to Nuke, Dust II, and Canals, so jump into a match and see what 8767 s new!

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There are some skins in our list that definitely break that cap, but due to both the extraordinary rarity of these items and their inconsistent prices in the key market, we&rsquo ve pulled our best estimates from varying trading sites. These are subject to change on a whim, but remain impressive no matter how transitory.

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The second day of ESL One Birmingham Major produced even more eliminations, as three more teams bid farewell to the event - Team Spirit, Team Liquid, and LFY  - making it a total of six teams to drop from the group stage.

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What makes ESL One Cologne so amazing? Easy, it’s you! Cologne has seen the loudest and craziest fans come together from all across the world each year. Here we cheer together and we cry together, but most importantly we come together as one to celebrate our love for the one thing we all enjoy the most: world-class Counter-Strike matches. 

kibaken, неоднозначная личность на Counter strike сцене, у этого парня было все для того чтобы стать крутым игроком, но раз за разом он терпел неудачи и снова становился тир 8 игроком. Многие говорят что все из за его характера, а другие говорят, что ему.

Yellow. The color of sunshine, bees, and the light you try to ignore while driving. Throw caution to the wind with this simple skin (sold at a remarkably consistent $955 average) that will leave your victims wondering how that oversized banana got the drop on them.

Как стать киберспортсменом, на что обращать внимание, что нужно прокачивать, чего не стоит делать? Кто как не сами состоявшиеся киберспортсмены, смогут ответить на поставленные вопросы. Данило Zeus Тесленко Kuro KuroKy Salehi Takhasomi Henrik Admiral.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive players demand the highest frame rates and rock-solid reliability to win. Dropped frames or input lag is the difference between getting a headshot or being killed. GeForce GTX 65-Series graphics cards are precision-built to give eSports professionals and you the ultimate gaming experience. This is Game Ready.

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