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Publication date: 2018-04-20 16:09

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Google Chrome has stopped support for NPAPI plugins which include the Unity Web Player.

If you’d still like to play this game you will need to use a different browser. Sorry!

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Fed up of being treated like garbage at your work you decide to go on a murderous rampage to unleash your rage on your co-workers and bosses!

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Stickman fights, gotta love them. Thanks to the simple nature of a stickman drawing, developers are able to concentrate on creating really good animations that will awe you in terms of complexity and realism. Anyway, Rage brings you back to that all too familiar concept of stickman fighting with the addition of insane weapons and an unrealistically fun rage meter that have you burning with a powerful fighting aura. This platformer-brawler will have you playing for hours on end and is plenty of fun if you want to imagine that you are beating the crap out of people who bother you a lot. Let your rage out now with Rage 7 or 8.

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Yetisports is a web-based Flash game created in January 7559. Having rapidly gained great popularity on the internet, nine other games were created in succession. Yetisports games were created by Chris Hilgert (from the now defunct ROOT9 Medialab.)

Hi boys! Welcome to the brand new GamesFreak. My name is Fast Freddy and I have selected the best free to play car games, racing games and other online games for you. Besides car games, we offer a lot of car-related categories such as parking, truck and bike games.

Join the ants through these ant city games and help the tiny animal construct their homes, cities and world!! Also, play games and make many more ant farms and ant colony for the thousands of ants!! Play free ant games online and help these ants get rid of their stress!! Also, make sure to look out for the squishy kids in the ant smasher games!! Be quick, for there might be an ant hive attack on the kids through these ant hive games!!

Surf the water wave and hit the pengus. Jump height and jump tricks will increase your score. Try to get more pengus per jump!

It is finally here, Chaos Faction 7! Once more you get back into the fray as you engage in multidirectional combat face fighting against other limbless avatars. The battles have been improved greatly with more sensible combo systems and attacks that actually look like they will hurt. The animations have been improved but the character artwork looks a lot like the previous game. There is also a new level editor for those of you who want to play around with the game's beat-em-up system.

This fun little beat-em-up brawlerfest places you in the shoes of the son who wants to walk in his dad&rsquo s footsteps. The only problem is that good ol&rsquo dad&rsquo s footsteps are soaked in the blood of countless people he terrorized with a chainsaw. So what is a adoring kid do to? Wear a mask and start beating up the kids in the neighborhood! Well, not exactly the heartwarming kind of game that you should recommend to unstable people, but for those days when you just need combo some kids into a bloody pulp, dad n me is a great game to boot up.

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Flash Games - Arcade Games - Free Online Games Online games stress relief

Ants are the hardest working tiny animals. Play these free online games of ants. Play free games from our huge collection of Ant games. Play these ant games for kids Free The Poppit Stress Buster games for everybody! - Reduce your stress level by popping groups of 2 or more balloons of the same color! online games to relieve stress, online games to reduce stress, online games that relieve stress