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Wondering how to use the PTCL speed test?

Pakistan Telecommunication Limited, widely known as PTCL is the largest telephone and internet network that is spread all across Pakistan. We at PTCL are committed to offer you with the best and unmatched. Hence, there are various services that we offer to our valued customers. Wire line services, wireless telephone services, wireless and broadband internet, Cloud data and even PTCL speed test - there is no end to the wide array of services we have designed for you. Most interestingly, unlike any other internet providers, we offer customers the chance to check the speed of their internet. rnet speed, and our tool makes sure to find those factors just to sort out the particular probnection in almost no time.

    What is the significance of speed test?

PTCL speed test is fairly important because it gives us the opportunity to keep an eye on the speed of the internet we are using. Many of us are professionals who need internet for work relevant purposes around the clock. Therefore, it is crucial that the internet we use is high speed and responsive. While no other internet provider will offer you an insight into their connection, PTCL is like no other. We want our customers to trust us and hence, we give them an easy speed test option. Using this feature, you can check your internetís speed anywhere, anytime without much hassle. In case of your speed being slow or no up-to-the-mark, you can contact a PTCL representative or technical team member. They will make sure your issue is resolved as soon as possible.

    Are you are PTCL broadband or wireless internet user?

PTCL is the number one choice of internet in Pakistan. It has the largest spread internet network throughout the country. People from almost 90 percent of the country are able access the PTCL internet. This is a little flag of triumph that only we at PTCL are able to enjoy. It is understandable if you are a PTCL, EVO (charji and charji wingle cloud), broadband DSL or fiber option internet user. Most of the Pakistaniís are! But did you know that being an exclusive PTCL internet connection subscriber; you also have the option to check your net speed! PTCL has its own little internet speed test online tool. This tool is designed to measure the speed of your internet in megabits.

    How to use the PTCL speed test online tool?

The speed test tool offered by PTCL is accessible online. As a PTCL broadband or wireless internet user, it becomes somewhat natural for us to check the speed of the internet every now and then. In case of any fluctuations, you can contact our expert tech team to resolve your speed issue. If you are wondering how to use the speed tool and thinking that it would be some very big rocket science, let us assure you that is not the case. Here are a few quick and easy steps that you will need to follow if you want to check your internet speed.

    Step # 1 - Visit the speed test website

The first step is to visit the website of the PTCL speed check. As soon as you land on the homepage, you will find a tool that is available to check the speed of your internet.

Uploading speed: The rate at which data is transferred from your system to the web

Downloading speed: The rate at which data is downloaded from the web to your system or device

    Interpreting Speed Tests Results

It is fairly easy to interpret the results that your internet speed test tool generates. We all are aware that the internet is measured in megabits or kilobits. Hence, the higher number of megabits you have per second, the stronger and more stable your internet connection is.

if you want to Test Charter Speed go here:

You can check other connectionsí speed too!.

PTCL does not restrict its online speed test tool to only the PTCL users. In fact, you can use this tool even if you are any other connection subscriber as well such as Qubee or Wi-Tribe.

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